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Musical Golden Ratio


In the days of the celebration of the Birth of Allah's 5% Nation of Gods and Earths, and this day being God in our Supreme Mathematics, I decided to drop a jewel regarding the origin and power of Hip Hop Music; Hip Hop is the MUSIC OF THE GODS.

There is no shortage of research and documentation regarding the connection of Universe, Life and Music. Even Plato's Dialogue, Timaeus, puts forth the thought that the World emerged by the Music of a God. We know that the diatonic scale is

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Inspiration behind MORE THAN YOU KNOW w/Lyrics 

Q. What Inspired More Than You Know?

Sha7 Universal: The record is speaking to the listener that Hip Hop is MORE THAN YOU KNOW. That music is MORE THAN YOU KNOW.

Music is a SCIENCE and an ART. The very definition of MUSIC is, "The SCIENCE or ART of ORDERING TONES or SOUNDS in SUCCESSION (degrees), in combination, and in TEMPORAL RELATIONSHIPS to produce a COMPOSITION having UNITY and CONTINUITY." (Webster's Dictionary)

With today's Mathematics being WISDOM POWER all born to GOD, I can say that MUSIC…

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