Musical Golden Ratio


In the days of the celebration of the Birth of Allah's 5% Nation of Gods and Earths, and this day being God in our Supreme Mathematics, I decided to drop a jewel regarding the origin and power of Hip Hop Music; Hip Hop is the MUSIC OF THE GODS.

There is no shortage of research and documentation regarding the connection of Universe, Life and Music. Even Plato's Dialogue, Timaeus, puts forth the thought that the World emerged by the Music of a God. We know that the diatonic scale is 7 notes ranging from Allah (1) to God (7). We also know from scientific research that Music is VIBRATION, and the definition of Music is:

"The SCIENCE or ART of ORDERING TONES and SOUNDS in succession, in combination, and in TEMPORAL RELATIONSHIPS to produce a COMPOSITION having UNITY and CONTINUITY."

Music is also one of (yep, you got it) 7 (GOD) liberal arts, and makes up the QUADRIVIUM of those arts, including none other than ARITHMETIC, GEOMETRY (Mathematics) and ASTRONOMY. So, Music is an ART (or SCIENCE) that is intimately connected to NUMBERS, MEASUREMENTS and ASTRONOMY (the study of the UNIVERSE).

SCIENTIFIC FACT: Our DNA is a combination of FREQUENCIES. Let that marinate on your contemplation for a moment. In fact, ALL CREATED MATTER HAS A FREQUENCY.

Frequency is defined as, "the rate at which a VIBRATION occurs that CONSTITUTES A WAVE (like we see in Pro-Tools or Logic software), either in a MATERIAL (as in sound waves) or in an ELECTROMAGNETIC field (as in RADIO WAVES and LIGHT, usually measured per second (like the BUILD and BORN degrees of the Actual facts-a connection to creation)"

The ENTIRE Universe is in MOTION and this MOTION is CAUSING VIBRATIONS, and the speed and force in which it moving creates TONES of that VIBRATION, hence the entire Universe is making CELESTIAL MUSIC that is having attracting powers on our PLANET, EVEN OURSELVES. The Music within the Universe is not heard but rather SENSED and EXPRESSED THROUGH US, by the SOUL or MIND.

Music, as we know it, is captured by our MINDS and formulated into NOTES and HARMONIES played by Instruments or DEVICES (Hip Hop instruments). This is why music touches humanity in such a deep way, because the sound connects with our inner instrument (MIND), we TUNE IN to that FREQUENCY and allow that VIBRATION to PASS THROUGH US and CREATE.

Hip Hop is such a UNIQUE MUSIC, because it wasn't originated with the playing of an instrument, the turntables were the instrument that created a NEW UNIVERSAL VIBRATION collecting the BEST PARTS of other MASTERFUL CREATIONS and combining them into a COMPOSITION called HIP HOP MUSIC. Hip Hop is an ORIGINAL ART FORM, never before witnessed in music for some years, months and days. Hip Hop took the FOUNDATION of a Musical composition (the BEAT/DRUMS) and birthed a SOUND that has dominated the GLOBAL CULTURE. No other "genre" of music has this attracting power on the Planet Earth.

What Hip Hop has evolved into today (the good/The Culture and Bad/RAP and Entertainment), proves that it is the MUSIC OF THE GODS.


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