Inspiration behind MORE THAN YOU KNOW w/Lyrics

Q. What Inspired More Than You Know?

Sha7 Universal: The record is speaking to the listener that Hip Hop is MORE THAN YOU KNOW. That music is MORE THAN YOU KNOW.

Music is a SCIENCE and an ART. The very definition of MUSIC is, "The SCIENCE or ART of ORDERING TONES or SOUNDS in SUCCESSION (degrees), in combination, and in TEMPORAL RELATIONSHIPS to produce a COMPOSITION having UNITY and CONTINUITY." (Webster's Dictionary)

With today's Mathematics being WISDOM POWER all born to GOD, I can say that MUSIC is a WISDOM or form of COMMUNICATION that has a high POWER (Influence) over the listener. This is why I don't see rapper as an ARTIST, because in dealing with MUSIC, an ARTIST is a SCIENTIST of ORDERING TONES, SOUNDS and ATTACHING WORDS (or RHYMES) to them to CREATE a COMPOSITION. Many of those called RAPPERS and even ARTISTS have no real COMPOSITIONS, they have created nothing b.u.t. CONFUSION. 

Many would ask how I saw HIP HOP being DEAD. I don't. I do cee a difference between RAP and HIP HOP. Many rappers just grab up a track and just throw some words together and promote the HELL IN IT and get themselves a following. I used to sit and wonder how these wack rappers would gain a following, and occurred that it is STILL SOME FORM OF MUSIC lying under those wack raps. It wasn't actually the raps because they weren't really saying anything substantial. It was the BEAT and THE MINDS OF THEIR LISTENERS. Even BAD MUSIC has a POWER. 

TRUE EMCEES understand the SCIENCE and the ART of MUSIC. Listen to the God Rakim build on the SCIENCE BEHIND HIS STYLE OF WRITING


KRS ONE was right and exact, Rakim had provide a KEY to UNDERSTANDING the COMPOSITION of the ARTISTRY of EMCEEING. There was more to the beats than the DRUMS, there was a collective of instruments that all composed the track and if I could choose one and write to that instrument in the track, I would have formed a new STYLE OF DELIVERY. 

Without going into more of the METAPHYSICS of MUSIC, I just wanted to point out the inspiration behind the record, which was MORE THAN THE AVERAGE LISTER KNEW ABOUT THIS CULTURE OF MUSIC. That our WORDS in union with the instruments had a power embedded in it and that we have to be more responsible with our POWER in ORDERING THOSE WORDS, TONES and SOUNDS. Whether we want to accept it or not, many rappers who were killed, were victims of the ENERGY ORDERED by their own Music. MEDITATE ON THAT.


Q. Who Produced the Track to MORE THAN YOU KNOW?

Sha7 Universal: A brother name, DON P produced the track, and what immediately attracted me to the beat were the horns in the intro, and there was a chord under those horns that were crazy. It took me back to the 90s era of Hip Hop, the beats were influenced by Jazz, and the ARTISTRY and SCIENCES were high. The Music was CONSCIOUS and ALIVE. That isn't to say there are no Artists in 2017, there will always be ARTISTS (or SCIENTISTS of MUSIC) that will carry Hip Hop into the next Season or Cycle of Music. The Tribe Called Quest Album (We Got It From Here) and Kendrick Lamar's album, DAMN, were albums that display the SCIENCE and ART of ORDERING WORDS, SOUNDS and TONES into a COMPOSITION and offering to the listener.


Q. Let's go into the lyrics...First Verse:


DEEPER than a RHYME you can scribe on paper
Stronger than the BOND of MY WORD unbroke.

All LIFE meaning

Reflect the root of any region I be in
Universal Language born Culture or Freedom.


I represent the struggle cuz I
Already ceen being broke.

And I been
Blessed with a God size hustle AND I

Won't make a DEVIL outta doe.

Straight from door, die for my quotes
Watch my livin'
Compare what I wrote.

Listen to the Music
Listen to your Soul
You can cee the difference
You already know


Sha7 Universal: Real Music transcends genre. I want to make sure that I clarify that Hip Hop is a CULTURE, not a genre of Music. Rap has become a genre of Music over the past 20+ years because rappers have forgotten the other elements that actually compose HIP HOP. They want to call what they do HIP HOP, when we find none of those other elements of Hip Hop represented in their Music or Video and lastly their lifestyle. The vanguards and conservators of the Culture in this day and time are the Emcees and the DeeJays, they have to preserve the other elements of the Culture and keep them visible and operating.

Hip Hop has an EXPRESSION in the form of BEATS and RHYMES, b.u.t. what motivates those BEATS and RHYMES is "DEEPER THAN HIP HOP, MORE THAN A FLOW, DEEPER THAN A RHYME YOU CAN SCRIBE on paper, stronger than the Bond of my WORD unbroke..."

What makes MUSIC MUSIC, is embedded in the MIND or SOUL of every person in existence. Music is a set of VIBRATIONS constructed and strategically combined and organized. Yet, everything in LIFE vibrates, and has a SOUND.

The Koran says that Allah formed man from what? SOUNDING CLAY (15:26).

The very essence of Human Beings is what? MUSIC.

The Universe is VIBRATING and SOUNDING, b.u.t because of the vacuum in space we cannot hear it, b.u.t. it is MAKING MUSIC. We are attached to that UNIVERSAL MUSIC, and when we are really in tune, it will be heard IN US, and translate to great music we hear on the radio, and other venues.

This is why I said, "ALL LIFE meaning, ALL EYE CEEING, The SUPREME BEING that's now EMCEEING..."

Music is the expression of the motion, force and energy of ALL LIFE, and it would take an all-ceeing eye (MIND) to recognize that and be able to harness that energy into a great record. It is said, "Great Music isn't heard, it is FELT."

This is true, b.u.t. I want to clarify that the word FELT should be SENSED.

Another terminology I use for Full Circle Music is SOUL MUSIC, not to be confused with the genre called Soul Music. Soul Music, meaning something that connects with your Soul. Something that moves the Soul. Something that touches the Soul. Listen to the into horns and tell me that they don't move you. This is why I said, "LISTEN TO THE MUSIC, LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL", because it takes the ability to hear the music with more than just your ears, you have to listen with your soul or being. So many kids I see on Youtube, are hearing Emcees from the later 80s and early to mid 90s and are blown away by the music. This is because they have been robbed of that experience by the present RAP GENRE. You can't listen with your soul to the majority of this confusion you hearing today, because it will cloud up your faculties. To much HATE and VIOLENCE and DEATH in the music.


Q. Second Verse...

Ain't no shame in none of my choices

I know the science of SOCIAL EQUALITY
I know the reasons they keep on denying me
I know the hater that they got they eye on me b.u.t.

Gossip, that don't apply to me

God comes in all form and shades AND

Many speak the language of the TRADER

I know the SECRETS and know where they buried
I know the version of stories will vary
I know the MOTIVES and ACTIONS they carry


Sha7 Universal: There is a lesson in the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths called the 1-40, and the 8th or Build Destroy degree stated that ALL THAT ABOVE is caused by the SUN OF MAN. I personally equate the words, ALL THAT ABOVE to any circumstance or situation in life that we face, why? because life is about DECISIONS and CHOICES, and the JUSTICE or CONSEQUENCES of those. Life is just a long or short series of DECISIONS and their OUTCOMES. Many will hear my story and think that I would be ashamed to talk about them or speak on them, b.u.t. I am not, I have no shame in the past or those choices I made. Many ( I should say, A GREAT MANY) of those choices put me situations that gave me wisdom beyond my years. I learned about people, family, money, the streets, enemies, decisions through those choices that gave me the collective of experiences that borned out the person here today. My Wisdom has POWER because this GOD was born from CHAOS. So nothing that is happening in the world that surprises me or makes me say, "damn, that's new", because I have experiences that has prepared me for these very times.

Social Equality is a society of man or group of men bonded by a common cause. This is another reference to our Lessons (1-14) still on Build or Destroy or the 8th degree, which asks, "Why does the devil keep us apart from HIS OWN SOCIAL EQUALITY? MORE THAN YOU KNOW, there is a society of men (and women) controlling what happens all over the planet. I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories or that there is an Illuminati and that Rap Music is a part of it. I do, however, know that there is a hidden and rarely seen group of people who are motivated by wealth and power who are controlling things in this world. And we, the average citizen will NEVER be accepted into those circles, because if the cover was to be taken off this wizard, it would reveal that they have pretty much already taken over. There are tons of books and documentation to prove this to be right and exact, and the Nation of Gods and Earths (also knows as the 5%) have this knowledge and willingly share it with those who choose themselves to receive it.

Every God and Earth who has knowledged the 8th degree of the 1-40 knows that the height of the water that is drawn up from the Earth's surface by the Sun is what determines whether that water will return back to the surface in form of rain, snow or hail. What this telling you is that WISDOM (water), WORDS, MUSIC have POWER depending on a persons state of elevation. I spoke directly the variation of understandings of the Gods in the Nation, b.u.t. I also made sure to put an actual fact that many speak the language of the Trader. This refers to the 1-36, where it states that the TRADER is one who SPEAKS THE LANGUAGE OF THE PEOPLE, for the SOLE PURPOSE of COMMERCIALIZING THEIR WAY OF LIFE of to GAIN SOMETHING FROM THEM.  Many come in the name of this Nation and are nothing more than TRADERS with righteous names.

When you have traveled and researched and studied you will find many secrets that lay beneath the surface of any society.
And the members of that society will have different views regarding that SECRET based on how they were taught or their motives behind keeping it buried in their history. So the stories with vary. That is Why I said, I KNOW THE MOTIVES AND ACTIONS THEY CARRY...MORE THAN YOU KNOW"


Q. The Hook


A difference in the LANGUAGE 
Attracted cuz' you already KNOW


The God gon' shine 


I don't care what you heard
They in fear of an Asiatic World


It ain't what you spend 
The science is WHAT DO YOU OWN"


Sha7 Universal: Many in the region of the Pacific Northwest after hearing the complete project, will thoroughly agree that there is a difference in the language Full Circle is speaking and the many of the rappers and groups in this region. This region produces either a LA sound or some hybrid mutation between rock and trap, and much of it is induced by marketing to a sedated and overly medicated region. many of them WERE "Conscious" rappers, b.u.t. switched to something else because it was more lucrative for them.

I think the other two stanzas are self explanatory, and the hardest part of the hook is the part where I say, "IT AIN'T WHAT YOU SPEND, THE SCIENCE IS WHAT DO YOU OWN..."

Many try to equate their success with HOW MUCH THEY SPEND, and actually have no ownership of anything. They buy out the bar, but pay rent on their apartment or home. They wear $400 dollar belt, b.u.t. still have no business of their own to offset their costs. They are still slaves, because they are making those TRADERS rich, and display their own EXPLOITATION in videos and on album covers. Don't tell me how much you spent, tell what do you actually OWN.


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