The science behind this question (What is Plus Life Music?) correlates with Today's Mathematics, Understanding Cipher all born to Understanding. It is a known fact that when a person who is 85% comes into the knowledge of Self, there are some things that change in his or her life: their THINKING, their DIETARY HABITS, and the their LANGUAGE. All of which equates to a change in their WAY OF LIFE.

Understanding Cipher is when a person's CIPHER (LIFE) has been changed based on their UNDERSTANDING or PARADIGM. This Life change is how we ADD ON to the BOOK OF LIFE.

As Poor Righteous Teachers, which Full Circle is FIRST, our BASIC and MOST PRIMARY DUTY is to TEACH and EDUCATE. The vehicle is a secondary but far most necessary instrument of communication of that EDUCATION. 

Many who come into the Nation call their lessons 120, b.u.t. back in the day, we had and called our lessons, The Book of Life, which consisted of the 8 foundational lessons, and other PLUS DEGREES or PLUS LIFE LESSONS, that served to further explain or build on the LESSONS. The Plus Life lessons were written manifestations that were commentary to those foundational lessons.

PLUS=ADDITIONAL,  LIFE=BOOK OF LIFE, they were in addition to the Book of Life.

I remember the days when we would run around with bags full of Plus Degrees, until we matured in our UNDERSTANDING of the LESSONS, and realized that PLUS LIFE meant to ADD ON WITH OUR LIVING the LESSONS out. It was this EXPERIENCE of living out the Lessons that provided the 85% with a clear picture of what it means to be INDEPENDENT of the lies of the 10%, what it is to be ALL-WISE, and WHO THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD IS.

Music is a vehicle that is an extension or medium for us, as Poor Righteous Teachers to provide our PERSPECTIVE (Understanding) of LIFE (CIPHER) to the masses. It is our communication of what we knowledge, wisdom and understand in our Book of Life, we give that back to the people.

All praise due to all of the Poor Righteous Teachers of this great Nation who came before us and gave the world the Lessons on wax. They wrote and produced PLUS LIFE LESSONS embedded in musical compositions. This is important, because although many may frown upon it, many came to the knowledge or a knowledge of who we were through the MUSIC, those PLUS LIFE MUSICAL DEGREES were attractive to the pieces (people) with no magnetic (equality with the knowledge of Self). These were the days when Hip Hop served its HIGHER PURPOSE.


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