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The principles, culture and teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths (also known as Allah's 5%) influence much of the direction and focus of the Full Circle team and its associations. There is no shortage of documented and verifiable information regarding the impact that the Nation has had on Hip Hop as a way of life. In fact, I would venture to state, emphatically, that the two histories are almost perfectly paralleled.

Hip Hop, born only a few after the birth of the 5% Nation, was an alternative to the mainstream disco scene in New York. It was born out of an ingenuity of greats like Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa,  and Grand Master Flash, who created a new sound playing only the breaks of records played on mainstream radio and in clubs. This originality paved the way for the now multi-billion dollar behemoth that Hip Hop has evolved into. Not long after the birth of Hip Hop, many of the founding minds were already quite familiar with another cultural phenomena in New York, The 5% Nation.

There is no need to go into an extensive history of the Nation of Gods and Earths because so much has been written and documented on its history and its founder, Allah, the Father. What I can point out is that, the like Hip Hop, the 5% Nation was the counterpart to the then mainstream Nation of Islam under the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. And like Hip Hop, the 5% Nation was looked upon by its mainstream root as inferior and with disdain, but this hardly stopped its development into becoming a global society of conscious people who know live righteous and maintain a steady SAVE THE BABIES mission statement.

The Father, Allah, before transitioning told his 5% to take names from the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet, which are two of eight FOUNDATIONAL LESSONS that serve as a basis for the study and cultural identity of the Nation of Gods and Earths. I stated this to make the point that NAMES are very important to the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths, always has been, always will be.



In the Supreme Mathematics the number 0 is CIPHER or a CIRCLE consisting of 360°, this is a FULL  CIRCLE. The Cipher is of high significance to the Nation of Gods and Earths, and the Hip Hop culture as well. A Cipher in the Nation of Gods and Earths is a person, place or thing, and a CIRCLE of Gods and Earths building on Today's Mathematics or any topic of importance at that time.

A Cipher held in Pratt Park (Morocco/Seattle, WA)


In Hip Hop a Cipher (sometimes spelled Cypher) is a circle of Emcees who are taking turns rhyming or battling. The Cipher in the culture of Hip Hop has its origin in the 5% Nation. The same way each Emcee would take turns rhyming, each God in the Cipher in the nation would build on their understanding of the teachings. Sometimes those Ciphers in the 5% would get fiery and resemble a battle in Hip Hop.

A more deeper understanding of a FULL CIRCLE is the cycles and transitions of Life, also called Seasons. It has been said by wise men of the times that "EVERYTHING COMES FULL CIRCLE", which means that it has completed one cycle (another word synonymous with Cipher) and has returned to its beginnings or origins. This is the primary science behind the name FULL CIRCLE. A Hip Hop sound that is a return to the roots of the culture. Full Circle is a sound that is UNIVERSAL (like a circle) or well rounded. The project, The Original: Collective Art of Music, will feature a universal sound utilizing original lyricism over the backdrop of a multiplicity of different styles of beats. One of our family members, Halisi Maasai, during a recording session said, "Sha, you don't sound the same on none of your songs", I replied, "Then I've done my job."




"First Man" is a direct reference to the Knowledge (1st) degree of the Student Enrollment, also known as the 1-10, which states:

"Who is the Original Man?"

Ans: The Original Man is the Asiatic Blackman; the Maker, the Owner, the Cream of the planet earth, Father of Civilization and God of the Universe."

A definition of ORIGINAL is FIRST in a series. Our topics and sound are derived from the understanding of who the First man is and how that applies to what we do as a family of artists and producers. Original is also defined as a person(s) of FRESH INITIATIVE and INVENTIVE CAPACITY.

The object we have in mind when we go into the studio is to create a fresh vehicle for the message in our music. We are ORIGINAL, so we are not looking to emulate or follow the trend, we want to set them. We want to bring something different to the table. This is how Hop Hop evolves and lifts itself out of the conundrum of mediocrity and recycled ideas.

First Man Music is a group of Makers (inventive and fresh), Owners (independent), Cream of the regional scene, Father of new energy, and Gods and Earths in the 5% Nation.



Sha7 Universal is a part of my righteous name, which all members in the family of the 5% nation of Gods and Earths are instructed to take on. Mine is Sha7 Universal Mind Allah.

SHA is one who has authority (or power)

7 is GOD in the Supreme Mathematics

UNIVERSAL means encompassing all things-FULL RANGED or FULL CIRCLE.

Master U (aka Roc Phizzle) tells me and others in the studio, that I have a powerful and authoritative voice, so he can turn the mic down, because my voice projects. I just want this powerful projection to reach across every actual fact regarding the earth.

This is who we are...


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